TRAINING ( UNI EN ISO 9001:2000)  

Training makes the difference. On today’s market, training plays a key role in remaining competitive and tackling the challenges present by the dynamics inherent in the professional world.

With this in mind, Certottica works alongside both firms and people in and out of work, offering high-quality training programmes, some of them organised with public funding.
Certottica is a certified professional training organisation, and as such cooperates constantly with private and institutional bodies at both national and EU level, in order to design and implement work-training projects aimed at socio-economic operators in the Member States of the European Union;

is accredited by the Veneto Region to provide ongoing staff retraining and occupational development, as well as further education and training for diploma holders and new graduates;

is authorised to appear in the Regional Catalogue for ongoing individual and company training aimed at people in employment (salaried employees and/or self employed professionals), to whom it provides refresher and retraining courses on the technical/innovative aspects of managing the various links in the production chain
is accredited by the Veneto Region to provide services within the framework of Employment Guidance and Services.