The services provided by Certottica test laboratories are designed to guarantee the quality and safety of a product, positioning and enhancing it to meet the demands of today’s market. This is the field of action for Certottica, whose test laboratories have been accredited by ACCREDIA since 2009.
ACCREDIA is the only national accreditation body, officially recognized on 22 December 2009, arising from a merger by SINAL and SINCERT as a non-profit Association. ACCREDIA assesses the technical competence and professional qualifications of those who assess conformity (Laboratories and Bodies), ascertaining their observance of obligatory regulations and voluntary standards, to ensure the value and credibility of certifications.
Authorized by the Italian Ministries of Economic Development and Labour and Social Security.

The services provided by Certottica test laboratories are:
assessment of EC conformity for all eye and face protection devices. In particular sunglasses, safety eyewear, visors and face shields;
assessment of EC conformity for certain types of class 1 medical devices. In particular spectacle frames, ready-to-wear spectacles and ophthalmic lenses;
issue of test reports that integrate technical documentation and the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity for sunglasses and filters, frames for prescription glasses, ophthalmic lenses and ready-to-wear eyewear.